Dye Your Own Sock Yarn Kit


Please note: the options “Yarn only – full skein” and “Yarn only – mini skein” are for purchasing additional skeins. They don’t come with dyes.

Yarn Dye Kit : Perfect for Home Activities / Summer Activities for Kids.
This Summer Activities Kit contains dyes for wool (enough to dye 1 kg or 2.2 lb of yarn in medium shade), one full skein of sock yarn, one mini skein of sock yarn, one small butterfly of yarn for testing colours,

***Dye Your Own Sock Yarn Home Edition***

Almost every year, on July 1st, we have an event called Dye Your Own Sock Yarn at our studio on Granville Island, Vancouver.
We prepare everything, people come to our studio and paint their yarn under the tent outside, then we steam the yarn to fix the colours.
It’s a fun event we look forward to every year.

However, due to the pandemic, we are currently not allowed to host a large event.
So, we decided to offer you a kit, which gives you a similar experience at home.

The kit contains:
– Four plastic bottles with dyes and citric acid powder inside – one each of black, fuchsia, yellow, and turquoise.
Theoretically, you can mix any colours with these 4 colours.
These dyes work on protein fibres only. You cannot dye cellulose fibres, such as cotton and linen.

– A bag of citric acid, about 60 ml or 4 Tablespoons

– One full skein of sock yarn (115g / 4 oz, 384m / 420 yds), 80% superwash wool, 20% nylon; gauge: 3.25mm needles, 28 stitches & 37 rows = 4 inches 2.75mm needles, 32 stitches & 43 rows = 4 inches. Composition of the yarn is 3 ply.

– One mini skein of sock yarn (20g / 0.7oz, 75m / 85 yds), same gauge as above

– One small butterfly of yarn for testing colours

– There is a video on YouTube in which I explain how to use this kit.
You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/iEwOsRcuVl0

We hope you have fun dyeing yarn at home!

Full Kit or Additional Skeins

Complete Kit, Yarn only-full skein, Yarn only-mini skein