Twin Lakes Cowl Kit | Designed By Tressa Weidenaar


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Please read carefully!

This is a kit for Twin Lakes Cowl, designed by Tressa Weidenaar. This kit does NOT contain the knitting pattern. You can purchase the pattern here:

This listing is not for a finished cowl. You will receive skeins of yarn for knitting a wrap yourself.

The kit contains:
One mini skein of DK Diva in purple (25 grams / approx. 0.9 oz, 80 meters / 85 yards)

One mini skein of DK Diva in dark teal (25 grams / approx. 0.9 oz, 80 meters / 85 yards), and

One half skein of DK Diva in rusty orange ( (50 grams / approx. 1.8 oz, 160 meters / 170 yards)

The designer used worsted weight yarn, but I could obtain the specified gauge with this yarn.


This yarn makes beautiful, cushy fabric. We do not know the breed of sheep used. Our guess is something like Corriedale – it is not the softest wool like Merino, but still suitable for scarves and shawls unless you have very sensitive skin. This yarn would be great for mittens, hats, and blankets.

Care instruction: Hand wash, with cold water and mild detergent. Dry flat. The dyes are properly fixed, but we rinse lightly in the interest of conserving precious water. Excess colour may bleed slightly for the first few washes. Please wash with similar coloured items. We strongly recommend to do wash fastness test if you are using different colours together. (Sandwich a small piece of yarn in white paper towel, wet them together, and leave them until dry. If the colour is transferred to the paper towel, you may want to wash the yarn prior to use.)